Photosynthesis Worksheets 2024

All living organisms in the world require energy to survive. Humans ingest food through their mouths while eating a type of ingredients. Plants, on the other hand, acquire their energy from the sun's energy. For a plant to be able to photosynthesize, three things must be present: carbon dioxide, sunshine, and water. Plants absorb carbon dioxide through stomata, which are little holes in their leaves. The plant takes water from the soil via its roots and transports it to the rest of its body. As sunlight goes through the leaves of plants, it goes through a large number of chloroplasts. Water molecules are divided into hydrogen and oxygen within the chloroplasts. The leftover hydrogen and carbon dioxide are used to make glucose, which is a usable type of energy for the plant, once the oxygen exits the leaf.

This mechanism produces around 85% of the world's oxygen. That is why, if the sun suddenly stopped providing light, we would not only be in the dark, but we would also be unable to breathe for an extended period of time. Our worksheets cover every part of the photosynthesis process. This collection of photosynthesis worksheets assists students in investigating this process and determining where it occurs. 

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