It can be difficult to pique the interest of third-grade students in learning how to write the cursive alphabet.

This simple exercise focusing on the letter 'C' promotes writing dexterity and confidence. Students can practice their cursive letters by writing sentences on these worksheets.

With the help of outlines, children can practice cursive writing by tracing the letter 'C' with a pen or pencil. In addition to capital and lower case letters, they can trace the longer sentences such as 'The clever cat was creeping carefully,' which employs alliteration to help children understand the letter 'C' in a broader context. The use of these cursive C worksheets will allow children to learn each cursive letter one at a time, which will inform the rest of their education.

These handwriting cursive C worksheets are ideal for students who want to improve their cursive writing skills. Before writing their own letters, children trace the uppercase and lowercase C letters. They can then trace a sentence with the cursive letter C to help young writers learn to allow proper spacing between letters in a word and words in a sentence.


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