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Complete Classroom Management Tool

Create and manage your student groups with an all-in-one platform. Add students, find free educational worksheets, assign them to your students, automatically score, and easily manage each student's progress.

Free Educational Worksheets

We offer thousands of free worksheets for all grades from prekindergarten to college. Find worksheets you want, add them to your resources/classroom, or even customize them with your personal style with our easy-to-use edit tool.


Create Classrooms & Add Students

Create a classroom (group) add all your students with some clicks. Use your available student list from word/excel to enter all students in a class.

Add Then Assign Tasks & Homework Digitally

After creating your groups, add and assign exercises to your students using our free worksheets or your own resources. Exercise status will be updated in real-time once your students interact with them.


Score Automatically with Available Interactive Worksheets

Using our interactive (live) worksheets to automatically grade your student’s tasks. Once students submit their tasks, they will be scored and all the necessary info will show on your management dashboard.

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