Animals are classed based on their nature, physical characteristics, biological elements, and other factors. Animals are categorized into several categories. Our worksheets for kids is a collection of online and printable worksheets for kids, therefore it provides a variety of online animal categorization worksheets for grade 1. These free animal categorization worksheets assist children in learning all about their favorite animals and which category they belong to. Furthermore, all worksheets are completely free to download. Improve your child's fundamental learning paradigms by applying our free, enjoyable, and engaging animal classification worksheets to their learning and teaching routine.

  • Mammals: They have hair or fur, are warm-blooded, are born alive, are given milk generated by the mother's body, and have a more complicated brain than other animals.
  • Birds: They have feathers, wings, and a beak.
  • Fish: They live in water their entire lives,  are vertebrates, and use their gills to breathe in the water.
  • Reptiles: They are air-breathing vertebrates covered in special skin made up of scales, bony plates, or both; they are cold-blooded.
  • Amphibians: They are little creatures that must thrive in water or damp environment.
  • Arachnids: They are joint-legged invertebrates that lack antennae, claws, or wings in exchange have mandibles for biting and eating prey. There are eight appendages, as well as a combined head and thorax.
  • Insects: They are made up of three major parts: a head, a thorax, an abdomen, complex eyes, two antennae, wings, and legs. Insects all have six legs and four wings.
  • Mollusks: They always have a shell, and most mollusks have a muscular foot for creeping or digging; a soft body with lungs or gills for breathing; and a skin-like organ called the mantle that surrounds them.

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