The various stages in an organism’s development are described in its life cycle, which is common to all animals and plants. A typical life cycle includes three critical phases, taking from birth to juvenile and eventually a fully grown adult. A life cycle is a cycle because it never ends, with the process continuing every time an organism reaches its full growth. If you are looking for resources to teach your children about life cycles, you have come to the right place. Featuring life cycles for a variety of animals, including birds, plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and more, our life cycle worksheets will be a welcome addition to any lesson on life cycles in general. Moreover, our worksheets also vary in difficulty, each of which is designed to suit a wide range of abilities. For example, we have worksheets with life cycles that are fully blank, blank but with illustrations, or blank but with labeled illustrations. With these worksheets, your children will be able to develop their understanding of life cycles and how they differ. All you need to do is to incorporate them into your lesson, as they are already so simple and ready to use. They can also make a great follow-up activity for consolidating your kids’ knowledge and helping them remember the most important facts as well.

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