Handwriting without tears worksheets

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Free printable and interactive handwriting without tears worksheets

The Handwriting Without Tears program teaches your child the skills he or she needs to be successful with handwriting in school. Handwriting Without Tears is a developmentally based program created by Jan Olsen, an occupational therapist, that aims to improve a child’s fine motor skills as well as visual skills through fun and interactive activities. The Center for Independence at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh provides the program. Occupational Therapy professionals will work with the children in this program.

Who should take part in handwriting without tears?

Children aged three to eleven who require assistance with developmentally appropriate handwriting skills.

Our handwriting without tears worksheets pdf assists in all of these areas while also serving as an excellent resource for overall penmanship improvement. We provide tracing handwriting practice sheets in both print and cursive for all 26 letters of the alphabet, as well as themed pages with attractive, colorful designs that encourage children to practice.

Aside from our handwriting without tears worksheets, parents can get their children to jot down the next store list (in cursive!), make a homemade birthday card for a sibling, write a thank you letter to their teacher, or even write a letter to their future self.

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