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Free Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Worksheet Collection

A balanced force is defined as two opposing but equal forces acting on one other or an item. A balanced force is, for example, a person struggling to move a heavy boulder by pushing it. The human applies force by pushing, but the boulder responds with an equal amount of resistance. As a result of the forces being equal, neither the person nor the boulder moves.

If the individual successfully pushed the boulder, the force would be unbalanced. The boulder moves as a result of the bigger force acting on it since the human exerted a stronger force than the boulder.

Doing our balanced and unbalanced forces worksheets can help children understand more about this concept. We provide a number of science worksheets that are suitable for students of all ages to study. Worksheet always makes learning these things easier for them. Remember to explain the lesson to your child by making actual comparisons before they do balanced and unbalanced forces worksheets. 


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