Part Part Whole Worksheets 2024

Create a number by connecting two colored connecting cubes (or something similar). Seven, for example, is made up of two parts in the image below. The first section is made up of four blue cubes, and the second section is made up of three pink cubes. This tells us that the numbers 4 and 3 add up to seven. Experiment with different ways to make seven using the same two colors. The activities listed below are intended to supplement the teaching of part-part-whole.

These part-part-whole worksheets teach children that numbers can be represented in a variety of ways. The children will also learn about fact families.

Part Part Whole Teaching

Teaching children about part-part-whole teaches them that numbers can be represented in a variety of ways, such as four as 1 and 3, 2 and 2, or 4 and 0. Each number can be divided into two parts. Children also learn how to use diagrams and number sentences to represent part-part-whole relationships.

Teaching part part whole Resources

Connecting cubes and links are fantastic for representing a number as two halves of a whole. Colored paperclips or a paper chain are also inexpensive alternatives. It's best to keep the colors to just two so that children can easily distinguish between the two parts of a number.

Use this helpful graphic organizer to assist students in determining how many parts make up a whole. They will then write their answers using a number words word bank.

You can use these part part whole worksheets to get improvements on learning! Or you can explore more related Math worksheets for other topics on our WorksheetZone website!

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