Axolotls are a special kind of salamander that can be found in Mexico. Unlike other kinds of salamanders that go through metamorphosis and live on land, Axolotls never outgrow the aquatic juvenile stage. They spend their entire life living in the water. The Axolotl has been considered to be one of the symbols of Mexico City, particularly in Xochimilco, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These lovely salamanders have webbed feet, feathery gills, a tail, and a little cute smile. The most distinctive feature of these Mexican salamanders is their gills. These gills look like six horns, which explains their nickname “six-horned dinosaurs”. We’re confident that the unique appearance of these little creatures will absolutely fascinate your little ones. If you’re looking for an easy activity to satisfy your kids’ passion for axolotls, but need something that doesn’t involve a lot of work or preparation, give our axolotl coloring pages a try! These adorable axolotl coloring pages will be a wonderful activity as well as a great place to start if you want your children to learn more about these fascinating animals.

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