Latitude and longitude worksheets

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Free Printable & Interactive Collection of Latitude and Longitude Worksheets

Long ago, a system of imaginary grid lines, commonly known as latitude and longitude, was created by cartographers for the whole globe. Lines of Latitude circle the Earth from east to west, which is all the same distance apart, while Lines of Longitude are the lines that go from north to south, and they are not evenly distanced from each other. When the earth is considered to be a sphere, having certain knowledge of longitude and latitude is considered necessary for reading maps. With our latitude and longitude worksheets, students will have a lot of exercises related to estimating the coordinates of each location to learn more about longitudes and latitudes. Our worksheets are created by highly-qualified teachers, which aim to explain to children how to identify the significance as well as the position of Longitude and Latitude. They also create the opportunity for learning more about the locations of countries and continents around the world, along with the use of coordinates and maps. If your children are struggling to understand the basics of latitude and longitude, we’re sure that this is the perfect geography resource for young explorers!

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