The compound probability worksheet is one of the most basic concepts from a mathematics perspective. The probability of an event is seen as the measure of the possibility of the occurrence of that event. Compound probability is applicable when there is more than one independent event taking place. We have an example of a compound event - suppose, you need to roll a die, and toss a coin. Now if you are required to find the probability of getting 6 after rolling the die and getting heads at the same time, then that becomes a question. Our experts developed a set of compound probability worksheets that consists of many questions; from basic to advanced levels. These worksheets would help the students to understand their concepts clearly and help them in their exams, as well as, help them in their calculations. Students would also be able to calculate the probability of an event before performing it, in real life! These math worksheets should be practiced regularly to be able to grasp this challenging compound probability with ease. Let’s check these compound probability worksheets out and measure the probability you can earn a high score after finishing these worksheets!


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