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How do you make and sell worksheets?

How Do You Make and Sell Worksheets? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide for making and selling your worksheets online.

We often hear that teaching is a profession that does not pay enough. Additionally, though many educators spend their money on instructional materials and equipment, this may be a costly endeavor. Hence, a large number of online marketplaces have proliferated over the course of the last ten years. These marketplaces enable educators to purchase and sell the worksheets that they require at a reduced cost.

Many educators are now turning to the production and selling of worksheets as a popular kind of passive income possibility. So how do you make and sell worksheets? Follow us to find the answer!

5 Steps On How To Make Worksheets To Sell

Prepare Your Business

Build a brand by giving your company a name, designing a logo, and establishing a presence on the internet. Choosing a name for your business is the very first thing you need to do when it comes to developing your brand. It may be something like "Fancy Prints Worksheets for Kids" or "Mathematics Printable Designs," for example. This part is important as you don’t want to get set on a business name that’s already been taken! In addition to this, the name of the company should convey some aspect of the product or service.

After that, design a logo for your company and choose a color scheme that will be consistent across all of your products and may serve as a representation of your brand. Once again, committing plagiarism is a serious offense, so check to see that the content is unique and reflects your company's values. Last but not least, you need to develop some kind of presence online; you'll need emails for your company, maybe a Facebook profile for social media activity, and possibly even a website.

Pick Your Worksheets Ideas

The decision of what kinds of worksheets to design often comes down to two considerations: what kinds of projects you like working on, and what kinds of projects are likely to result in financial gain. You may look at what other people sell on Etsy or TpT and compare it to the ideas you have for your own items in order to obtain a general sense of the market for your wares as well as an idea of the level of competition you'll have when it comes to making sales.

You need to know what's popular, and you need to know what kinds of designs you're capable of generating, in order to earn a significant amount of money. It is possible for you to outsource designing services, which is something that several sticker firms do; however, this will result in an upfront fee that may be too high for your company when you are just getting started.

Design Your Worksheets

Choosing a layout to use for your worksheets is the most effective method to begin the creative process. Consider all of the items that you want to develop, the dimensions that they will have, and the number of sheets that are included in each file. You may save time by modifying the size of your templates inside the program before you get started. However, bear in mind that after you get started, it could be tough to move the sizes either up or down. On our WorksheetZone website, there are thousands of free worksheet templates and elements for your to create or customize your worksheet in just a few minutes.

When creating your worksheets, size is another consideration you should take into account. This is due to the fact that various kinds of paper have varied maximum page sizes. When selecting a color scheme for your worksheets, you should give some thought to the colors that are related to the message that your business conveys. For instance, if you're selling worksheets on TpT and your products are feminine and floral-themed, it makes perfect sense to choose pastel colors like pink and purple as your primary color palette. You might also offer printouts that are blank, so that you may make copies of them and color them in whatever way you choose.

Print Your Worksheets Out

After you've created them, check to see if they're functional! Before you attempt to generate sales, it is very recommended that you test out your worksheets first. If you offer worksheets on TpT and those worksheets do not really print effectively, you may expect to have some disappointed buyers!

This is done so that you may observe how things turn out and ensure that they are exactly what you had envisioned. You can accomplish this by printing the documents out on your personal printer at home.

Price Your Worksheets

The price that you charge for your worksheets needs to be commensurate with the amount of work and effort that went into producing them. You will first need to do some research on the prices that other businesses are charging for identical goods.

After you have determined the price at which your worksheets should be offered for sale, you need to make sure that you justify your pricing in this part by providing an explanation of the reasons why your things are unique.

Where to Make Your Worksheets?


WorksheetZone is an online worksheet maker tool that enables you to create almost anything, including lovely worksheets. You may use WorksheetZone to design your own ones. WorksheetZone provides users with professionally created worksheet templates that can be used as a foundation for their own work. After that, you will have the ability to personalize, print, and share these worksheets. You also have the option of beginning with a blank canvas and constructing a worksheet from the ground up. WorksheetZone provides you with dozens of different design tools and components that you can use to help you create appealing worksheets.

worksheetzone worksheet maker


Canva is an easy-to-use photo editor that may be of use in the process of developing worksheets. The program relies heavily on pre-made templates, but it also allows you to design your own layouts from scratch. In the event that you need to include photographs of high quality in your worksheets, you may turn to Canva for help.

The application comes with its own collection of free stock photos. Therefore, in the event that you want a picture, you may quickly acquire one and alter it without leaving the program itself. It's not hard to figure out how to use the app. It is even simpler to use than other picture editing applications that are currently available. You won't have any trouble putting together your spreadsheets thanks to the interface's drag-and-drop functionality. The application also comes equipped with a wide variety of picture editing features, such as the ability to add text, shapes, clip art, crop, rotate, and more.

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

It is common practice for graphic design companies to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for their own work since both programs are excellent tools for the creation of unique worksheets. The fact that these are software that you need to pay for is the most significant disadvantage; however, the upside is that you have a greater range in what you can produce; you can sketch and construct things with a framework that is less strict.

Because they were designed for artists, they have a great deal more capacity than other programs; nevertheless, this also implies that the software may need a great deal of technical expertise in order to be used effectively. But you shouldn't allow it to stop you from exploring new things and trying new things out! You may acquire a lot of design skills for various Adobe products on YouTube, which is a terrific resource if you aren't familiar with how to utilize Adobe tools.

My Worksheet Maker

My Worksheet Maker is a user-friendly web-based software that may be used by anybody in need of creating replacement teaching worksheets. The application offers a user interface that is extremely easy to understand. As soon as you open it, you will be prompted to choose the kind of questions that should be included on your worksheet.

Simply choose one, then click on it, and you will have completed the necessary steps to personalize it. There is already a predetermined place for your pupils' information, you can choose to add a title to your worksheet. This contains the person's name as well as the current date. You may always do so using the Add Field option if you wish to add extra information to the form.

In addition, there is a spot for you to write down any specific instructions. You are free to alter the font size, layout, and color of your worksheet in order to get the desired result in terms of the sheet's appearance. Altering the border's color and appearance is another option. In conclusion, you have the option of making your worksheet printable. You have the option of keeping the worksheet that you have produced private or making it available to the public.

KidPid Learn Math

KidPid Learn Math is an application that allows users to create printable math worksheets and is accessible for free on iOS and Android. Using this software even when you are not connected to the internet is the feature that stands out the most about it. You will be able to provide your pupils with practice activities in the form of printable math worksheets that are included inside the application. You may also construct your own worksheet according to a certain topic or the level of difficulty of the questions, and then either print it out immediately or store it for later use.

You can also include your school's emblem in the creation of worksheets. You have the ability to further personalize your worksheets by adding your title to them. After you have finished making your replacement worksheet, you have the option of either saving it on your device or printing it directly from your smartphone.


Math2PDF should definitely be at the top of your list if you are looking for an application that will assist you with the process of creating substitute teaching worksheets for your courses. This software is fantastic in its own special way.

When you create alternative teaching worksheets using Math2PDF, you can take advantage of the appetizing visuals and editing tools that are along with the program. It also comes with modules that cover several aspects of mathematics, such as fundamental operations, custom image questions, base ten, decimals, fractions, and picture problems, all of which may be included in the creation of worksheets by the user.

You are free to make whatever modifications you wish to the appearance of the preset template at any time. In point of fact, the application enables you to personalize the question titles and make adjustments to the available choices. You even have the option of customizing the backdrop and adding a symbol. After you have finished making your worksheet, you have the option of saving it as a PDF, sharing it, or exporting it.


If you are searching for a document scanner that you can use while preparing worksheets, then the zShot App is one of the greatest choices. In addition, you may use the app to edit images or create a collage for them.

The zShot app is a really useful and practical tool since you no longer need to utilize a large and cumbersome scanner. Simply using your smartphone brings you one step closer to being able to create useful worksheets. You will be able to make changes to the document as soon as the scanned image is processed using the app. You are able to crop it to the exact dimensions that you want. You may even highlight certain sections, add text, highlight, or blur parts. 

Where to Sell Your Worksheets?

Now that you've had digital items that are ready to sell, the next step is to determine where you can sell them in order to generate passive revenue.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is an online platform where educators may purchase and sell educational resources created specifically for classroom use. TPT is the go-to platform designed by teachers, for teachers, to access the community, information, and resources they need to teach at their best. It is also the platform that was established by teachers, for teachers. 

Today, TpT empowers educators by providing the world's biggest database of educator-created material, which includes more than 5 million individuals. It's a terrific way to earn a little extra cash per month (or more, if that's your aim), and you can do it by selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.

On TPT, you won't be charged anything to establish an account for yourself. If you sell anything while using the basic account, you will get 55% of the proceeds, and a transaction charge of $0.30 will be deducted from those proceeds for each good sold. This indicates that you may go ahead and get started for free and that you can set up your business for free, which is an excellent method to get comfortable with the platform.


Etsy is a US online marketplace that specializes in the sale of handcrafted goods and art supplies. Selling digital worksheets on Etsy is the most straightforward choice you can make if you're looking for a strategy to monetize your workbooks. By opening a shop on Etsy, you broaden your potential consumer base and may sell your wares to people in other countries. The internet market is quite broad and provides excellent opportunities to reach a large number of potential clients.

There are a few things to bear in mind if selling worksheets on Etsy or even other popular handcrafted products is something you're contemplating doing in the future. There is a lot of competition for products on Etsy, so it is crucial to produce lists that are eye-catching and make your Etsy business seem appealing. Be sure that each of your listings has an accurate description and at least one photo of a high enough quality. You should also consider adding a watermark to your designs to prevent others from stealing your photos or even simply copying them for the purpose of printing them for free.


People may purchase and sell services on Fiverr for as low as $5 on each, and platform is called Fiverr. People are constantly seeking bespoke work for their events and companies, and selling worksheets on Fiverr is a wonderful place to start if you need some additional income since so many people are using the platform. The fact that there is such a wide variety of printable worksheet formats to choose from is without a doubt the feature that I like most about it.

By selecting the "Create A Gig" option located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, you will be able to offer your worksheets for sale on the website Fiverr. After that, you will be prompted to choose the kind of services you want to provide, key in the price you want to charge for each job, publish a picture that serves as a sample of your work, and provide a thorough explanation of what you have to offer.

Social Media

Worksheets may be sold to a big number of people on Facebook Marketplace, which, similar to Etsy, is an excellent venue due to the fact that it can link you to millions of potential customers. If you already have a profile, it might be a smart move to sell your worksheets straight from that location if you want to do so. There will always be clients that are interested in what you put on the page representing your company. Moreover, it's possible that they won't even have to leave the site in order to make a purchase from you.

Facebook Groups

Creating worksheets for the use of other bloggers is the simplest and most efficient method to get started selling worksheets. Joining Facebook groups on the platform where users sell their own material is the quickest approach to accomplish this goal. This indicates that you may utilize the audience that is already there in the group, which is an audience that you did not have to create and which is already full of individuals who are ready to make a purchase.

For this purpose, you are going to wish to create a PayPal Business account. You'll need to be able to send invoices if you want other people to be able to pay you easily. After that, you may give your customers permission to use your worksheets on their own websites, either as blog articles or as lead magnets. In order for worksheets to be successful in Facebook groups, you will also need to make images for the purpose of sharing them inside the group. These graphics should also be adaptable for usage on the blogger's own website.

Tips for Making and Selling Worksheets

Creating the Perfect Shop Name

There are a few questions that you should think about in order to assist you in developing the ideal name for your store.

  • What are some adjectives that define my teaching style?
  • Are they the same traits that characterize my products?
  • Is it simple enough to be readily remembered?
  • Is there already someone with that name?

Simply put the potential name into the search field to see whether or not it is available for use as a store name. As soon as you establish that no other business or individual is using that name, you are free to use it.

When most individuals think of opening a worksheets store, the first thing that comes to their mind is actually establishing the shop. They have not given any thought to the possibilities for expansion or marketing in the foreseeable future. However, since you are interested in learning how to sell products in the most effective manner, we strongly recommend that you check to see whether the name you want for your store is already taken on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

And if you are thinking about starting a full-fledged company that will include a blog, you should check to see whether the domain name is still available before you do so.

To discover whether a domain is available, visit name.com. You may do your research by typing the name you are looking for into the search field. After that, it will let you know whether the name you entered is available or not. You are going to want to buy that domain name if you want to be absolutely certain that no one else will be able to seize the chance to do so.

Build a Good Store Profile

You are going to want to personalize the material when you are creating your shop profile. Therefore, be sure to include your prior teaching experience, pedagogical approach, and awards. This part is very significant because it will provide prospective customers with information about who you are as well as the kinds of educational materials they may anticipate finding in your store.

Your profile photo is another element of your shop profile that should be customized to reflect your individuality. You could utilize a current picture from school, or you could take it one step further and design a professional logo. You have the option of working with a designer to create a store logo if you do not feel confident creating one on your own.

If you want to establish a firm that will set you apart from the other companies in your industry, this is an extremely vital consideration. Also, keep in mind that you are free to modify this logo in any manner you see fit at any time.

Create a High-Quality and Free Product

When you have finished setting up your account, the next step is to create a free product. This is a must for all new sellers that sign up. You can not post a "paid" product unless you first make a resource that is accessible for free download. Even while offering anything for free when your goal is to sell resources may seem counterintuitive, doing so is really a smart business move. This is why:

  • Free stuff is a great way to attract prospective clients. There is a free resource accessible for download in every store on TpT, which means that there are a TON of free teaching materials to choose from. This brings more prospective clients to Teachers Pay Teachers, which eventually raises the likelihood of you generating money off of your purchased items.
  • The quality of your work may be shown to prospective consumers via the use of freebies. Finding useful resources that are offered for free on TpT is one of my favorite things to do, and I can tell you that if a freebie is helpful, I'm quite inclined to look into the other things that the seller has for sale.
  • After you have produced a number of goods that are labeled as "paid," it is recommended that you produce a freebie. It may be a scaled-down version of a more comprehensive product that you already provide, or it may be an entirely novel item. This only demonstrates that you care about your followers and clients and want to offer them access to useful materials.

Create Covers with Large Titles

A significant number of sellers wind up returning to their initial listings in order to rework their covers. As a vendor, you will learn and develop as a result of all of these experiences. It will save you a significant amount of time at the beginning of the process if you are able to recognize an aesthetic direction or design style that appeals to you. Make sure the title is visible and prominent. Include your company's copyright or logo to make it obvious that it belongs to you.

Decide on Your Niche Market

First things first, what exactly is a niche market? It is a segment of a larger market that has its own unique requirements, which are, in some ways, distinct from those of the broader market. For instance, the market for the English language is massive, but there are also smaller marketplaces for Phonetics Practices, which provide a variety of information and graphics catered to the unique interests of individual consumers.

You'll have an easier time marketing your digital items to a more specific audience if you choose your own specialty market for worksheets and fill it. In addition, you will have an easier time creating more worksheets connected to the subject of your specialization.

The Bottom Line

Making money selling worksheets is not easy, especially on online platforms where there are millions of free and ready-to-use worksheet templates. You can only succeed if you are serious enough and create your own identity for your products. Nothing is easy. However, we are here to help you. This article is on "How do you make and sell worksheets?" Hope to help you on your way to becoming a professional worksheets maker and seller. Good luck to you!


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