Circle of Control Worksheets 2024

The Circle of Control teaches children and teenagers that it is best to focus on what they can control and let go of the rest. Worrying about uncontrollable conditions and difficulties, such as the weather, a person's reaction or behavior, or global challenges, can lead to bad emotions. It is natural to want to exert control; nevertheless, directing your efforts toward controllable issues leads to inner serenity, self-empowerment, and better productivity.

The idea of this exercise is that in any tough circumstance, there are both controllable and uncontrollable aspects. There's also the stuff in between when we can kind of push it in a certain direction but don't have the final say over how things finish out. (Others' behavior frequently falls under this category.)

Anxiety frequently arises when we focus disproportionately on circumstances beyond our control while failing to consider the things we can influence. Often, especially during times like these, the most basic self-care activities include sleep, hydration, food, and physical activity. Yes, that stuff.

Unluckily, this creates a feedback loop—anxiety often perpetuates itself, keeping us focused on the huge scary things over which we have little or no control, making it even more difficult to concentrate on things like drinking water.

This action can help us to refocus.

Our downloadable Circle of Control Worksheets might assist an anxious student or youngster in overcoming excessive worrying. This is especially true for children and teenagers who have trouble orally expressing their thoughts and feelings. Besides, you can use our free worksheet maker to create customized worksheets that best fit with your teaching aims.

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