Australian business Moose Toys produces a line of miniature, collectible toys called Shopkins. Since the first season of Shopkins was published in 2014, the game's popularity among kids has only grown. All children are interested and thrilled to have Shopkins in their possession, therefore, their parents search for these highly desired toys. These adorable plastic figures, mostly based on grocery store goods, have distinctive names and adorable faces. Shopkins can be anything, from chocolate, and cream to strawberries, or dolls. If your little ones are big fans of Shopkins, you have come to the right place. Our Shopkins coloring pages are based on their numerous tiny, charming, grocery store-shaped plastic toys with imaginative names that encourage teamwork and creativity in children. We have a wide range of coloring pages of Shopkins characters, including Apple Blossom, Cupcake Queen, and Poppy Corn. Your children would like to spend a couple of hours with their crayon sets, devising their own pieces of art.

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