Kirby is the protagonist in video games created by Nintendo. The character is pink, brave, and adorable and he’s one of children’s all-time favorite video game characters. He hails from the planet Pop Star in the Land of Dreams. Kirby always uses his superpowers to bravely defend his country. He has the ability to breathe opponents into himself, transforming them into many stars. A lot of growing gamers have fallen in love with this adorable furry hero. Despite the fact that Kirby first appeared in 1992 on the original Gameboy, he still remains popular to this day, and we’re sure that no kid can resist these wonderful coloring pages of Kirby. Apart from stimulating children’s mental growth, they will help your kids to develop their creativity and sharpen their imaginativeness. Our Collection of Kirby Coloring Pages is filled with fun and adorable illustrations that will surely entertain your children for hours while they enjoy the activity of coloring. 

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