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Free Printable & Interactive Newton’s Laws Worksheet Collection

Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time, wondered why things move, what speeds them up and what slows them down. He spent a lot of work formulating what he thought to be three universal hypotheses of motion using the physics and math concepts of the time. His hypotheses are even called the Law of Motion for being tested and verified so often. According to the first law, objects like to stay in their existing state of motion. For example, things that are at rest like to remain that way, and similarly, moving objects like to stay that way, too. Unless another force causes this object to become unbalanced, rest and motion will not change. When an item accelerates, Newton’s second law will be applied. His ideas help us determine exactly how quickly something will accelerate after the net force and the object’s mass are taken into account. When it comes to the third law of motion, it is said that forces are always found in pairs. He believed there is an equal and opposite action to every action. With our selection of Newton’s law worksheets, students can learn everything there is to know about Newton’s laws of motion. They will also get the opportunity to dive deep into the nature of each law as well.

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