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Learning to write in cursive letters is an important achievement in third-grade education.

Children will learn cursive writing more easily if they practice exercises that improve their fine motor skills and attention span, such as tracing. Students will use these sheets to practice writing a cursive 'T' both alone and in the context of a sentence.

These cursive practice sheets help kids become familiar with each cursive letter one at a time by first learning how to write the letter 'T' in cursive and then practicing through repetition. After sufficiently practicing the cursive 'T,' children are given the opportunity to write the sentence 'The tiger took the train into town.' Students will improve their ability to write independently by using these cursive T worksheets, and they will be able to use this knowledge to write words, sentences, and even stories!

These handwriting cursive T worksheets are ideal for students who want to improve their cursive writing skills. Before writing their own letters, children trace the uppercase and lowercase T letters. They can then trace a sentence with the cursive letter T to help young writers learn to allow proper spacing between letters in a word and words in a sentence.

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