The film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was considered to be a significant movie for a number of reasons. It was not only the first-ever full-length animated movie, which was quite an achievement, but it was also a classic film for generations. Snow White, the main character of the movie, is also known as the very first Disney Princess and the one that started them all. She is the fairest, sweetest, and most memorable princess who captured our hearts and launched Walt Disney’s brilliant career. Every little girl would agree that the best coloring pages are those with images of Disney Princesses. If your kids love Disney Princesses, especially our very first one, Snow White, they will surely have a great time with our Snow White coloring pages. Right here on this website, we provide a brand-new collection of special free coloring pages featuring Snow White and all of her friends. Visit our collection of free Snow White coloring pages and let your kids explore the world of color while reliving some of their favorite moments in the film. 

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