One of the most interesting living creatures under the sea is the shark. This special type of fish varies greatly in all shapes and sizes, which leads to the existence of more than 500 different species of shark. People often think that sharks, with their sharp and huge teeth, are extremely frightening, but in fact, they don’t really want to attack people. Instead, sharks tend to show more interest in fish as well as other marine life. The notoriety for being terrifying and dangerous sharks is actually due to their images in some of the popular scary movies, like Jaws and The Shallows. If you are a fan of these magnificent animals, you have come to the right place. We have a vast collection of unique shark coloring pages, featuring all the different types, like the bull, hammerhead, goblin, and tiger sharks. These shark coloring pages are available for everyone, from super cute and easy drawings for kindergarten and preschool-aged kids to more realistic designs for older kids and adults. Come on, let’s dip into the ocean and explore our shark coloring pages!

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