You’ve been fortunate enough to look up into the sky on a rainy day and come across the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Some people are firmly convinced that rainbows own special meaning and utilize them as a crucial symbol. Beholding their beautiful colors will brighten up anyone’s day, and completing some rainbow coloring pages is a great therapy to relieve stress. We have gathered many rainbow coloring pages that will boost your children's sense of creativity or enhance cognitive skills and executive functions. In addition, coloring pages are a fun approach for kids of all ages to develop focus ability, motor skills, and color recognition. Rainbows in real life show off a concrete set of colors but your children can feel free to adopt any colors they love instead of the classic colors of the rainbow. Let’s dive into the world of color right now. Many fun coloring pages await your little ones to fill in the gaps with vivid colors. Have fun and get creative now!

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