Although Super Mario Bros has been around for decades, its appeal is still strong today. The desire for video games that include Mario and all of his friends competing and going on wacky adventures even increased after the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Since the 1980s, Super Mario Bros has had a ton of entertaining characters, including the classic brothers Mario and Luigi. The younger brother, Luigi, is the complete opposite version of Mario. In terms of personal traits, he is modest and a little cowardly. When it comes to appearance, he is thinner and taller than Mario. Just like his brother, Luigi was crucial in the journey of rescuing the princess thanks to his unexpectedly powerful jump. We have presented many intriguing and simple coloring pages of Luigi, our lovable and cheerful character. This would be an excellent approach to get your children to express their creativity via coloring. Once your kid is done with some of these Luigi coloring pages, he/ she will be able to deal with coloring pages with more complex details very soon. Check out our collection of Luigi coloring pages and encourage your kids to reveal all their imaginations!

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