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An ecological community is made up of the populations of all the diverse species that coexist in a given area. Community ecologists study the interactions between various species within a community. There are different types of connections that can be used to describe how organisms interact inside or between overlapping niches: parasitism, commensalism, competition, predation, and commensalism. Symbiotic connections are traditionally classified as the last three kinds, but predation and competition are also examples of symbiotic relationships. A close relationship in which one or both organisms benefit is referred to as symbiosis. If you are interested in problems concerning ecological relationships, we have prepared various ecological relationship worksheets for extra practice. These biology worksheets will give students a chance to practice a variety of questions and activities to help students dive deeper into the topic. If you're seeking a way to reteach and offer further help when it comes to ecological relationships, let's try our Ecological Relationships Worksheets. We’re sure that it would be an excellent reinforcement resource.

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