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How to create Crossword worksheet on Worksheetzone?

Explore Worksheetzone.org, your premier educational website for designing personalized crossword practice worksheets. Easily customize exercises for your students and craft specialized worksheets for various student groups. Ready to get started and make your own crossword worksheets? Let's discover now!

1. Where to find Crossword Tool?

To access this tool, select the “Create worksheet” and “Crossword” buttons as picture below:


Or alternatively, from the second access, you can easily find the “Crossword” tool within the “Recent Worksheet Maker” bar. 

2. How to generate a Crossword Worksheet? 

2.1. Adding Crossword’ Title:

You can add your Title on the worksheet. This is optional.

2.2. Adding Crossword's content

Crossword’s content could be either added manually or copied conveniently from an Excel file.

2.2.1. Adding content manually:

In the Crossword section, choose the Manual tab, then enter the answer and their respective clues right below:

2.2.2. Copying from an Excel file

A mass number of contents could be added quickly and conveniently by copying those words and clues from an Excel file (which is simply formatted as in the below picture):

The content when added could be previewed immediately in the preview section, this will also be applied to any changes when made.

Note: The size of the crossword section will be automatically adjusted in order to fit with the worksheet's frame.

2.2.3. Using ready-made content:

Other than creating crossword content yourself, you can use our ready-made content so that you can buy yourself some time. Simply click on the search bar to find the topic you desire:


Pick one then the crossword will be delivered automatically.

Note: These ready-made contents could still be customized as you wish as usual. 

2.3. Choosing crossword's layout:

There are several layouts that a crossword worksheet might be formed so that the worksheet could be more attractive and informative. You could easily apply the provided layouts to your worksheet by using the Layout tab.

To display the word bank or answer key, tick the corresponding boxes.

In addition, to visualize or make your worksheet more attractive and vivid, you can make use of other features on the left sidebar, such as Elements, Text, Background, or Upload your own resource. Click HERE to learn more about these features.

3. How to save your worksheet?

To save your worksheet, please follow these steps:

Click the red button “Save” at the top right of the page.

Enter all the necessary details to facilitate the categorization of the worksheet, including the worksheet's title, description, language, grade, and tags.

Next, click the "Add To My Resource" button to save the worksheet online. 

If you wish to assign online homework to your students, select "Assign Digitally" and choose or create a group. 

To download or print your worksheet, click "Download", then your worksheet has been done successfully.

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