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How to create a worksheet on Worksheetzone?

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Worksheetzone? Creating a worksheet is your gateway to personalized learning materials. In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you exactly how to craft your own worksheet on Worksheetzone, tailored to your specific needs.

1. Where to find Create Worksheet tools?

Finding the “Create Worksheet” in the worksheet maker list, or you can navigate to this tool from the home page as below.

Or alternatively, from your second access, you can easily find the “Create Workdsheet” tool within the “Recent Worksheet Makers” bar.


2. How to create a worksheet?

2.1. Customize our provided templates:

In the "Templates" section, we offer a bunch of templates for you to select and customize.

2.2. Fill in worksheet information:

Click “Enter Your Title Here…” to type your worksheet’s title. Add text to illustrate the worksheet’s directions below the title if you need to.

2.2. Create a worksheet:

Use “Text” to add any content for your worksheet.

Choose a shape from “Interactive Elements” then type the answer. The elements can be resized or moved.

You can decide whether to show the answer or not.

You can change the shape of the text boxes or deliver further edits as you wish with Border Style options.

With “Line", you can set the answers to appear under, over, or cross the line by using the arrow buttons.

3. How to save your worksheet?

To save the worksheet, use this space to rewrite the worksheet’s title then click the red button “Save” at the top right of the screen.

Enter all the necessary details to facilitate the categorization of the worksheet, including: Worksheet's title, description, language, grade and tags.

Next, click the "Add To My Resource" button to save the worksheet online. 

If you wish to assign online homework to your students, select "Assign Digitally" and choose or create a group. 

To download or print your worksheet, click "Download", then your worksheet has been done successfully.

4. Other Features

4.1. Adding Background:

Choose any available background to apply for the worksheet.

4.2. Using “Upload” feature:

To upload and use your own files, photos, or PDFs, use the “Upload” feature from the toolbar. 

After clicking the “File upload” button, choose the file that needs uploading from the prompted window. Finally, drag the wanted file to the worksheet area to get it inserted easily.

In addition, the uploaded files could be resized to match the size and layout of the worksheet page conveniently.

4.3. Adding Elements:

There are thousands of ready-to-use resources that could visualize your worksheet in the “Element” tab.

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