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72 Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers To Share With Families And Friends

Looking for a way to add excitement to your family Christmas party or get-together? Want to impress everyone with your knowledge of all things related to the holiday season? Christmas trivia questions and answers are going to meet your all above needs. Themes of questions vary from Christmas tree and Santa Claus to reindeer and snowflakes. It ensures that you can cover up all things related to the Christmas holiday. Therefore, it provides worthy knowledge and makes your gathering merrier. We arrange them in sequence from the easiest to the most difficult questions, so you can challenge yourselves and your relatives by turning them into quizzes or puzzles or a competition to battle.

Besides, you can enjoy more activities with our free Christmas worksheets on this website. Check them now!


What Is Christmas Trivia?

Christmas trivia is a game that offers interesting information about the season. These inquiries can cover anything from the holiday's history to customs that are widespread over the season. These questions are meant to entertain, involve, and give learning opportunities for attendees at holiday parties. This trivia can be utilized for your workplace Christmas party, a virtual Christmas party, a hybrid Christmas party, a holiday team-building activity, or a virtual trivia night.

Benefits of Christmas Trivia Games

Did you know that playing trivia games has been shown to improve brain health? It is real! Studies reveal that older people have superior cognitive function than those without regular participation in intellectually and socially stimulating activities.

By learning and providing answers to questions, you improve your cognitive abilities.  You may increase your intellect and sharpen your mental faculties by learning about topics that interest you and retaining the information. Greater creativity, inventiveness, and problem-solving abilities result from this. Additionally, you can now wow friends and family by displaying the new information you have acquired.

Playing trivia games increases your prospects for social interaction. Friendly competition is the best approach to getting to know your friends and neighbors. Playing games gives people the chance to connect and have conversations.

By sharing common knowledge, trivia allows you to create a community and foster interpersonal connections. Sharing the responsibility of locating the appropriate response to a question enables you to establish stronger intimate connections with other people.

"You don't really age at The Oaks," observes resident Joan Manning, "you just savor a carefree lifestyle while enjoying new friendships and the many amenities offered." And playing trivia with your friends is one way to enhance your fitness while having fun.

Therefore, this Christmas, let's hold a trivia game and adopt our Christmas trivia questions and answers as a plentiful source for your competition. 

Trivia Rules

I will suggest a common rule that you can consider and apply right now:

  • No screaming out of the correct or incorrect responses. 
  • It interferes with the game and may annoy other players. 
  • Find your smartest friends or employ a professional to assist you. We won't pass judgment on you if you refer to them as your team, regardless of who they are. If you prefer to play alone, just make sure your table has no more than eight players. 
  • A team of nine receives a 10-point penalty, while a team of ten receives a 15-point punishment. To play, groups of 10 or more must split up. The fine will be calculated before the last few questions. 
  • There are no cell phones, Blackberries, or any outside sources permitted. Any outside gadgets used by teams will result in their disqualification from winning any prizes. Remember, cheating at trivia is very lame. ONLY BRAIN POWER!
  • We do our homework before we pose a question. The solution we have is the right solution. Do you not believe so? The judges' judgment will stand as their last word and cannot be changed.
  • After registration, a team member cannot be replaced. 
  • A wonderful time!

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Christmas Trivia Questions And Their Answers

Santa Claus Questions and Answers


This is crucial information. Would you kindly let Santa know that this year, all I want is my family back?

When we were children, we all tended to identify Santa Claus—also known as Saint Nick, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, or just Santa—with the presents we got and the letters we used to write. However, things are now unquestionably different when viewed from an adult viewpoint. 

Having said that, we still have dreams and wishes, even though we may no longer write such letters. You and your team are undoubtedly subject to the same. 

And even though you aren't supposed to be the team's Santa, you might as well utilize these Santa Claus questions to discover more about the man himself as well as the hopes, aspirations, and viewpoints of your team. 

  1. Question: What year was Santa Claus born?

Answer: The year 270 AD.

  1. Question: Who in real life was Santa Claus modeled after?

Answer: St. Nicholas, a bishop of Christianity

  1. Question: What kind of shakiness does Santa have in his belly?

Answer: A jelly-filled bowl.

  1. Question: What is the Italian name for Santa Claus?

Answer: In response, Babbo Natale

  1. Question: Where is Santa Claus' residence? 

Answer: The North Pole, of course.

  1. Question: On Christmas Eve, what should we set out for Santa? 

Answer: Milk and cookies, of course.

  1. Question: When do Swedish children leave gifts for Santa Clause?

Answer: In case he's feeling exhausted from distributing all the presents, the answer is coffee. 

  1. Question: What is Santa Claus frequently pictured clutching in early illustrations?

Answer: The birch rod, of course.

  1. Question: Which state in the United States has a town named Santa Claus?

Answer: The state of Indiana.

  1. Question: Before delivering deliveries, how many times does Santa check his list?

Answer: In short, twice.

Christmas Food Questions And Answers

Someone said that people are overly concerned with what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they ought to be more concerned with what they eat between Christmas and the New Year.

Christmas cuisine offers more than just the pleasure of savoring hearty, filling feasts. Sharing it with our loved ones and cherishing the time we have to spend together are both important.

Having said that, some foods and holiday treats do have the ability to light a fire within us for the holiday season. And appreciating them is sufficient to put us in the correct Christmas festivity attitude. 

Although the Christmas trivia questions that follow don't cover all of the foods we frequently eat during the holiday season, they are still more than enough to get you started. 

Can we? 

  1. Question: Where may people have a Christmas "Wigilia supper"?

Answer: Poland is the answer.

  1. Question: Which nation invented the "White Christmas" dish, which consists of coconut oil and dried fruit? 

Answer: Australia is the answer. 

  1. Question: Where does "Moro de guandules con coco" originate from? 

Answer: It is a Dominican Republic meal, and its main ingredients are rice, pigeon peas, and coconut milk.

  1. Question: What shape is the holiday bread "Cougnou" made into in Belgium?  

Answer: the young Jesus. 

  1. Question: Is it true that Ikea produced the biggest gingerbread man?

Answer: True, you have answered.

  1. Question: What fairy tale provided the initial inspiration for gingerbread houses?

Answer: Hansel and Gretel, to be exact.

  1. Question: Where and when did gingerbread houses first appear?

Answer: In the sixteenth century, in Germany.

  1. Question: Where are candy canes produced?

Answer: Response: Germany. 

  1. Question: How come Christmas candy canes are red and white?

Answer: The white of the cane is said to symbolize the innocence of Jesus Christ. Contrarily, the red stripes represent the blood Christ shed during his crucifixion. 

  1. Question: What do well-behaved kids in the UK receive in their Christmas stockings?  Answer: The fruit is tangerines, to be precise.
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Christmas Carols and Song Questions

Children are where the Christmas magic first begins. Musical songs that highlight generosity, gift-giving, and the Christmas spirit are frequently included in school performances. Throughout the Christmas season, classics like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are played nonstop.


There are many beloved Christmas music classics since the holiday season brings such joy. To keep the spirit of Christmas music alive, many of these songs have been recorded and re-recorded by various artists in various genres and eras.

Professional vocalists, including jazz greats and pop artists, give the holidays their own unique touch by releasing original songs and renditions of Christmas-themed songs. Many radio stations play entire Christmas albums on repeat during the holiday season from some of the more recognizable vocalists.

This is why we also included them in our Christmas trivia. 

  1. Question: How many gifts were presented in total throughout "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

Answer: 364.

  1. Question: Who is the author of the well-known holiday song "Frosty the Snowman"?

Answer: Steve Nelson and Walter Rollins are the answers.

  1. Question: What did "The Little Drummer Boy"'s original title mean?

Answer: "Carol of the Drum" is the response.

  1. Question: What is presented on the seventh day according to the carol "Twelve Days of Christmas"? 

Answer: Swans can be heard swimming.

  1. Question: Who does the singer entrust their heart to in the song "Last Christmas"?

Answer: A unique individual.

  1. Question: What kind of Christmas will Elvis have if he doesn't have a white Christmas? 

Answer: blue Christmas

  1. Question: What well-known Christmas tune was the first music ever transmitted from space?

Answer: the song "Jingle Bells."

  1. Question: The lyrics "The stars in the sky / Look down where He lay / The little Lord Jesus / Asleep on the hay" are from which Christmas carol?

Answer: "Away in a Manger" is the answer.

  1. Question: Which carol contains the words "Let earth receive her king, let every heart prepare him room, and let heaven and nature sing"?

Answer: the song "Joy to the World."


Reindeer Questions and Answers

We are Comet, Dancer, Vixen, Prancer, and Dasher.

Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph, and Cupid are us.

The Nick, Chris, and Eckhart of today are also us.

Embrace the world with our love and unity!

Christmas celebrations require more than twelve days.

We must support one another daily as people. (Abhijit Naskar)

We also added some reindeer Christmas trivia to bring a little additional brightness to your team-building activities or holiday party. 

Given that reindeer are some of the most prominent holiday symbols, we felt it was crucial to include them in our Christmas trivia. They are meant to stand for traveling, roving, safety, strength, and endurance specifically. 

And one of the most well-known reindeer, Rudolph, demonstrates the value of being different from the norm, embracing your identity, and being innovative. 

Along with responding to the questions below, we also encourage you to consider you and your team from the perspective of a reindeer. Who is, in other words, driving the sleigh in your workplace? Who is as distinctive as Rudolph? Who is a good team player? 

You see, Christmas trivia opens up a lot of other thought-provoking queries and conversations. 

  1. Question: Which of the reindeer has thunder as its name?

Answer: The term "thunder" in German is "donner."

  1. Question: What plant gives Santa's reindeer the ability to fly?

Answer: Carrots, naturally.

  1. Question: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is credited with having been invented by which department store?

Answer: In 1939, Robert L. May invented Rudolph as a marketing ploy for Montgomery Ward.

  1. Question: Exactly how many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh?

Answer: 9 is the answer.

  1. Question: Could you list a few of them?

Answer: The names of these horses are: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

  1. Question: The other reindeer mocked Rudolph; why? 

Answer: Due to his red nose.

  1. Question: Which poem made Santa's reindeer's first appearance in print?

Answer: "Old Santeclaus with Much Delight" is the response.

  1. Question: What is the name of the son of Rudolph?

Answer: Robbie the reindeer is the answer.

  1. Question: Which Canadian mountains bear the names of the first eight reindeer?

Answer: The Christmas Mountains, to be precise.

  1. Question: Which Christmas song was the target of protests by women's groups, politicians, and senior organizations in 1979? 

Answer: Grandma was struck by a reindeer.

Christmas Drinks Questions and Answers

A Christmas TV special, according to Bill Waterson, is absolutely necessary! How heartwarming it is for the corporations that make beer, cola, and fast food to share with us the true essence of Christmas. Who could have imagined how well product consumption, popular entertainment, and spirituality would mesh? Sure enough, the world is lovely. 

Christmas cuisine requires Christmas drinks, and vice versa. 

This implies that you must include questions about Christmas drinks in addition to questions about Christmas meals. 

We have you covered with everything from eggnog, Coca-Cola, and other festive seasonal drinks to sherry, advocaat, and mulled wine. 

  1. Which type of alcohol is typically added to the trifle's base? 

Answer: Sherry, of course.

  1. Question: Which beverage company is credited with making Santa's red and white outfit popular?

Answer: The Coca-Cola brand

  1. Question: Which nation is the birthplace of the Christmas beverage, eggnog? 

Answer: England.

  1. Question: Which nation traditionally kicks off the holiday season with a glass of Bombardino, a brandy and advocacy concoction?

Answer: Italy is the appropriate response.

  1. Question: What type of alcohol is contained in a Snowball cocktail?

Answer: Advocaat.

  1. Question: What does the milky Christmas beverage "Cola de Mono" from Chile mean? 

Answer: Cola de Mono is a drink that is literally translated as "monkey's tail." 

  1. Question: Which nation is the origin of the classic, sweet, stout-like Christmas soft drink known as Julmust?

Answer: Sweden, to be exact.

  1. Question: What is the name of the festive beverage made with apple cider, lemons, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg that is very well-liked in the UK?

Answer: Wassail, that is.

  1. Question: From what is mulled wine made?

Answer: Red wine, sugar, and spices are the answers.

  1. Question: Which spirit is typically incorporated with butter and served with Christmas pudding?

Answer: alcohol brandy.

Christmas Movies Questions And Answers


That's what Christmas memories are said to be made of; they're spontaneous, unplanned, and unscheduled, and nobody puts them in their BlackBerry.

If you haven't sat down to watch Home Alone while sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows, can you really say that you've had a genuine Christmas? Unless you've already "met" him in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," Alternatively, if you haven't fully absorbed Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas,

Some of your employees might remember their early years, while others might have more recent memories of their families and young children. However, talking about these films and posing movie trivia questions will "force" each of you to refresh your memory and assess how much you know (or don't know) about holiday movies. 

These inquiries should guide you in doing that:

  1. Question: What is the all-time top-grossing Christmas film? 

Answer: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, to be precise. 

  1. Question: Where do the McCallisters go on vacation when they leave Kevin behind in Home Alone? 

Answer: Paris, naturally.

  1. Question: How is Kevin punished for his altercation with Buzz, his brother?

Answer: He is directed to the attic.

  1. Question: Kevin's siblings number how many.

Answer: 4.

  1. Question: In the opening scene of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which well-known winter activity is portrayed by the characters?

Answer: That's right, skating.

  1. Question: What are the names of the three trick-or-treaters (also known as Boogie's Boys) who abduct Santa Claus in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Answer: Lock, shock, and barrel are the responses.

  1. Question: What is the name of the guardian angel that George Bailey has in It's a Wonderful Life? 

Answer: Clarence Odbody is the reply.

  1. Question: Why should Scott assume the role of Santa Claus in The Santa Claus?

Answer: Since Santa Claus perishes after falling from his roof, this is the response.

  1. Question: Who plays Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf?

Answer: The reply is Will Ferrell.

  1. Question: Who plays the Grinch in the comedy How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Answer: the actor Jim Carrey.

  1. Question: A Christmas Prince was filmed where?

Answer: Romania.

Boxing Day Questions and Answers

Wisdom of the Ages: Boxing Day In the UK, the day following Christmas is named for the first conversation that a husband and wife have after totaling their holiday expenses.

Given the false nature of the phrase, if you haven't heard of Boxing Day, you're unlikely to ever associate the holiday with the Christmas season. 

After Christmas, people typically celebrate Boxing Day. The celebration dates back to a time (Queen Victoria's reign, specifically) when affluent people would give gifts to their slaves. These Christmas boxes would be delivered to the family members by the slaves once they returned home. 

Nevertheless, Boxing Day is now known as a shopping day. 

It could be entertaining to put yourselves to the test and see how much knowledge you have about this fairly important holiday, whether or not you and your staff observe it (as it isn't observed everywhere). Do you know, for instance, that retailers anticipate record sales on Boxing Day? 

  1. Question: Which nation is the home of the celebration known as "Boxing Day"?

Answer: the United Kingdom, of course.

  1. Question: What significant holiday follows Boxing Day?

Answer: Christmas is the answer.

  1. Question: What normally comes with Christmas boxes?

Answer: The options include gifts, cash, or food.

  1. Question: Which of these nations, outside the United Kingdom, also observe Boxing Day?

Answer: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, to name a few.

  1. Question: What kind of activity is reasonably typical on Boxing Day in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand?

Answer: Shopping, of course.

  1. Question: What exactly does the term "Boxing Week" mean?

Answer: In a nutshell, it's a longer version of Boxing Day.

  1. Question: Before it was outlawed, what sport was traditionally practiced on Boxing Day?

Answer: It's called fox hunting. 

  1. Question: Giving gifts to people who have done good deeds throughout the year is customary on Boxing Day. So, which of the following occupations would not, therefore, receive a gift on Boxing Day?

Answer: mail delivery, lawyer, doorman, porter, lawyer, of course.

  1. Question: What other feast falls on Boxing Day in addition to the Feast of Saint Stephen?

Answer: Kwanzaa, of course.

  1. Question: On Boxing Day each year, a significant race in Sydney, Australia, gets underway. 

Answer: Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, to be precise.

Final Thought

With dozens of Christmas questions and answers, along with its detailed explanation, we hope that it can provide you with a plethora of information and knowledge about the Christmas holiday. You can share it this Christmas with your family and friends or your children as an educational way. Making a competition with multiple choice questions and finding out the best-knowledge person in your family will be definitely joyful and exciting. Have a wonderful experience with them!




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