The teaching of the life cycle of living organisms is crucial to any science curriculum. Life cycles are a fantastic approach to teaching students about the world around them. Children will have a better comprehension of the process of life if they understand how living things grow and change. Have you ever wondered how a pumpkin develops? Pumpkins are a popular fall crop and are prominent during the fall holiday season. Together with your kids, let’s explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with our pumpkin life cycle worksheets. A complete pumpkin life cycle from planting the seed to harvesting the fruit takes up to 100 days. Preschoolers often find the life cycle of a pumpkin to be extremely fascinating since they are amazed by the fact that a giant pumpkin can grow from a little seed. When you are teaching about this plant, these worksheets on the pumpkin life cycle will be a wonderful supplement to your lessons. We believe that with our life cycle worksheets, your child will have a whole new appreciation for pumpkin carving and become an expert when it comes to pumpkin life.

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