Number of The Day Worksheets 2024

Here is a collection of free number of the day printables and worksheets for kindergarten to grade 2 students to practice numbers and counting concepts. These activity sheets are ideal for morning activities with your children. They can also work in pairs, with each child writing the day's number for the other child to work on. When they're finished, they can check each other's work.

Number of the Day is a great way to teach your students about different numbers and help them with their counting and early math skills.

After deciding on your Number of the Day, have your students answer the following questions:

  • What are the number's first five multiples?
  • Is the number odd or even?
  • What are the components of this number?
  • What is the place value of this number?
  • In tally marks or Roman numerals, how would you write this number?
  • What number is ten more and ten less than this one?

This is an excellent first activity to do with your class and one that they will quickly become accustomed to. The number of the day worksheets are designed to grab your children's attention at the very start of the lesson. It aids in settling them and focusing them on what is happening in the day's lesson.

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