Constant of Proportionality Worksheets 2024

The proportionality constant is the ratio of two variables, y and x. Interpret the proportionality constant as the slope of the linear relationship y = kx. This constant of proportionality worksheet set includes graphs, equations, and tables, determining the proportional relationship between x and y values. Students will also learn how to find missing values in tables using the derived constant of proportionality, k. These printable worksheets for constant of proportionality are intended for students in grades 7 and 8.

With this seventh and eighth-grade math worksheet, students will get plenty of exercises identifying the constant of proportionality from a graph! Students will need to select a point on the graph and then calculate the ratio of the y-coordinate to the x-coordinate to find the constant of proportionality. Throughout this set of exercises, students are asked to identify the constant of proportionality of several graphs, recording their response as a whole number or simplified fraction. This set of worksheets is a great way to get students ready to solve problems involving real-world proportional relationships. 

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