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Emotions have great power, especially when they are present in young minds. Understanding how to cope and regulate those sensations requires teaching them to recognize what they are feeling. Research shows that kids who are good at identifying and managing their emotions feel better about themselves and have more successful friendships. Identifying and managing feelings, or emotion regulation, requires responding to intensely emotional situations in a socially acceptable manner. Students will examine how people communicate their emotions and moods in this identifying feelings project by studying with our kindergarten matching emotions worksheets

Feelings are difficult, particularly when dealing with a 4-year-old who doesn't understand why you won't allow them to have another cookie or a 5-year-old who does not want to go to bed on time. For this reason, kids need to have the ability to recognize emotions. They should know when others are happy, sad, or angry based on their facial expression or actions. By practicing with our matching emotions worksheets for kindergarten, your kid will be informed more about common emotions.

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