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Free Handwriting Practice Sheets for Kids

The fact that most communication now takes place electronically does not mean that handwriting has become extinct. Handwriting is a vital part of early schooling, whether it’s for perfecting the alphabet, honing motor skills, or enhancing spelling ability. Therefore, practice printing, cursive, and the appropriate distance between letters and words with the help of our handwriting exercises. Perfect handwriting is actually just a few pencil strokes away with handwriting worksheets for kids.

There is no doubting the dominance of digital technology; as a result, many young people may question whether practicing their handwriting is indeed vital. Naturally, the answer is “definitely.” Young children learn letter recognition, spelling, and the distinction between lowercase and uppercase letters more quickly when they put pencil to paper.

Our handwriting practice for kids is a terrific tool for all of these things as well as for enhancing general penmanship. For all 26 letters of the alphabet, we have tracing worksheets in both print and cursive, as well as themed pages with attractive, vibrant patterns that encourage kids to practice.

In addition to our handwriting worksheets, parents can get their children to write a note to their future selves, the next store list (in cursive! ), a handwritten birthday card for a sibling, and a thank you note to their teacher, or even the next store list.

These handwriting practice sheets could be useful if your youngster is still learning how to print each letter precisely. Examples of words are offered. The first word is printed in large letters, and the second is composed of dots that children can trace. To assist children to visualize the items they are writing about, some cartoon visuals have been added.

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