Chickens, one of the most popular domesticated animals, are fascinating. The total population of chickens in the world is about 19 billion, which is even larger than that of dogs. Chickens live in flocks where they work together to nurture baby chicks and incubate eggs. Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Prissy, Heihei, and Panchito Pistoles are just some of many examples of famous chicken characters from literature and animated TV shows.  Why do kids love chickens so much? There must be something endearing about these little domesticated birds that makes them such cute creatures. To celebrate the most recent homesteading trend of obtaining feathery pets, we compiled a list of the cutest chicken coloring pages. Our free coloring pages include a variety of beautifully drawn and funny pictures that will surely make your kids fall in love. Have a look at our chicken coloring pages and let your kids take some time to learn more about chickens.  

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