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How to Make Worksheets in Word? (2022 Comprehensive Guide)

How to Make Worksheets in Word? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive and up-to-date guide for making your worksheets in Word.

Interactive content, such as worksheets and workbooks, is what all educators need to grab the attention of their pupils and what bloggers and other infopreneurs need to engage their followers on social media. Creating such worksheets doesn't appear to be a simple process either. How to make worksheets in Word? In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to making your own worksheets that are ready to use from Word.

Step 1: Choose a Border

Open a new document -> go to Page Layout

Select Margins to set the border. To remove the border, click Custom Margins in the bottom corner of the menu, and set the value to 0.

how to make worksheets in Word

Select Size for the poster size. There are standard sizes suitable for each type of text here, but if you want to customize the size, click More Paper Size at the bottom of the menu and choose a measurement.

how to make worksheets in Word

Step 2: Add Text

Type directly into the poster frame, or insert a Text Box (from Insert) and then type the text. Using a Text box allows you to customize each part of the text, and is easy to navigate, but only beneficial when worksheets have a small amount of text.

After entering the content, you can customize the text as usual: font, font size, effects, text color, etc. To remove the background color of the text, click on the Format tab and then select Shape Fill. → choose the No Fill command. To remove the border around the text input box, select the Format tab → select Shape Outline → select No Outline.

Step 3: Format Your Worksheets

Usually, after completing the input of text, we will need to perform operations to align margins, change formatting, and change the font for the entire text. Or some text will require more than artistic word decoration to create vividness for the content. So how can you change the format of the content in the article?

Format fonts in Word

Step 1: First, you open the text content you want to format the font. Next, highlight the text or text to be formatted, right-click and select Font. Or we can also press Ctrl + D.

Step 2: Next, in the Font window interface, there are many text formatting items for us to choose from.

  • Font: users can choose different font styles to apply to their text. However, you need to note, the choice of font format in Word needs to match the Code Table and Typing of Vietnamese percussion, to avoid errors when typing.
  • Font style: choose font styles such as bold, italic, underline or just use lowercase. After highlighting the text, you can use the keyboard shortcut Word Ctrl + B to make text bold, Ctrl + I to make text italic, Ctrl + U to create underlined letters, or combine 2 or all 3 groups. Combine this shortcut to make text bold, italic, or bold and underline,...
  • Size: choose the size for the entire highlighted paragraph.
  • Font color: choose the color for the text.
  • Underline style: use lines to underline text.
  • Underline color: select the color for the underline line.

The above 6 items are 6 basic customizations when users want to format text. In addition, you can also use some other effects in the Effects section, with 11 different types of effects, including:

  • Strikethrough: Strikethrough between letters.
  • Double strikethrough: Double strikethrough between letters.
  • Superscript: Superscript or use Ctrl + Shift + =.
  • Subscript: Subscript or Ctrl + =.
  • Shadow: Create shadow text.
  • Outline: The stroke has an outline.
  • Emboss: Embossed (white) first.
  • Engrave: Blurred (white) after.
  • Small caps: Small capital letters.
  • All caps: Large capital letters.
  • Hidden: Hide text in text.

Step 3: We have the Preview section so that we can preview the text format when applied. Finally, click OK to save the formatting changes for that highlighted text.

Step 4: After we have finished entering the text, you can also proceed to change the spacing between the letters, to make a difference that makes the text stand out in the entire content.

Create Artistic Typography for Word

  • Step 1: First, we will also highlight the text to be styled. At the Ribbon, click Insert and select WordArt.
  • Step 2: As soon as we click on it, you will see a list of many artistic fonts: shading, italic, bold, etc. You can choose a font to apply.
  • Step 3: Next will appear the Edit WordArt Text window interface. Here, users can re-select the font, font style, and font size format. Then click OK to apply. Soon, the typeface will appear in the content. You can stretch or shrink the text by clicking on the two-way arrows at the corners and edges of the letter art, and then dragging it in the direction you like.

Favorite Fonts in Words

  • Arial

Arial is one of the most commonly used fonts when designing worksheets. This is a sans serif font, popularly used by many design services as a standard font. They are often used for publications with a chic, modern and serious style.

  • Helvetica

Like Arial, Helvetica is a sans serif font that is used a lot in worksheets and educational publications today. Many experienced designers often use Helvetica as a fallback font for other typefaces. Its advantage is to help the content of the worksheets be presented clearly, easy to read, and create a user-friendly feeling.

  • Calibri

This is the default font type in word processing programs. Therefore, it is also often used in the design of worksheets because of its familiar, easy-to-read, and comfortable properties for the viewer. When designing a worksheet, using strange, confusing fonts can annoy your students. So, to make worksheets friendlier and simpler, why not use a familiar font like Calibri?

  • Tahoma

In addition to Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc., Tahoma is also one of the most common fonts used by teachers when designing worksheets. Its lines are quite nice and clear, easy to read, satisfying the user experience well. Font Tahoma can be used multi-function in menus, main and subheadings, article content, etc.

Above are the basic instructions for you to change the font and create text art in Word document content. With these changes, the text content will look more beautiful, unique, and strange when we have new font combinations by changing the text format above.

Step 4: Insert Pictures into Worksheets

  • Click on the location where you need to insert the picture into Word.
  • Click Insert => Select Picture => Next, select From File and then select the image you want to insert. Then click Insert to perform the image insertion.
  • After inserting the image, please move the image to the side of the text. To do this, right-click on the image and then click Format Picture.
  • Click the Layout item. In the Wrapping style section, select Square. Next in the Horizontal alignment section, click Left so that the text is on the left or Right for the text to be on the right. That means your image will be on the other side of the text.
  • Finally, drag, drop and move the image so that the image is on the left or right side.

To insert text into images in Word, we use the Text Box tool. Select the Insert tab, select the Text Box command, and select Draw Text Box. Then, hold down the left mouse button at the starting position to insert text and drag to select the writing area on the image. Or you can insert text into the image by clicking Insert → Shapes → Text box.

Step 5: Add Worksheets Background (if needed)

Create a backdrop for your poster to grab the attention of your audience. Although there is a custom background color on Word, when printed, the color quality changes, even losing color. Instead, go to Insert -> Shapes and choose Rectangle (for rectangular posters).

how to make worksheets in Word

Customize the size and choose the background color for the Poster. At this time, the background will overlap the main content and image of the poster. To make the background appear behind the content and images, hover your mouse over an empty part of the background and then right-click, select Send to Back, and then click Send Behind Text.

Are You Ready to Make Worksheets?

How to make worksheets in Word? Here you have the answer. The procedure is not nearly as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You can produce worksheets for your kids, your teaching team, or instructors all across the globe in a matter of minutes and with very little effort. When you first look at some of the items you make after you have formed your own creative process, you will be astounded at what you have made. 

Besides, we've released an amazing and free worksheet generator for you to make a worksheet in just a minute. There are thousands of available worksheet templates and elements to allow you to customize your own one. Let's give it a try!


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