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How to Make Homeschool Worksheets? (2022 Comprehensive Guide)

How to Make Homeschool Worksheets? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive for making your own homeschool worksheets.

It is quite simple to create one-of-a-kind worksheets for your children's homeschooling curriculum by utilizing digital homeschooling worksheet formats, illustrations, typography, and stock photographs. Worksheets are an excellent method to keep your children occupied throughout their homeschooling day. You can tailor them, especially to the interests of your kid as well as the educational level they are currently at. So how to make homeschool worksheets? This article will not only show you how to make a worksheet for school-aged children, but it will also provide you with some places to get ideas for such worksheets.

What is Homeschooling and How Can It Work?

how to make homeschool worksheets

To clarify, homeschooling is a kind of education in which instruction is provided by the child's parents within the context of the child's own home. This may not be convenient for many families, but those who have selected this route have realized considerable advantages. These are the following:

Kids Can Learn at Their Own Pace

If a kid is having trouble grasping a certain idea, they are allowed to spend as much time as they need to ensure that they completely get it before going on to anything else. On the other hand, if a youngster understands a concept fast, they will not be slowed down by the rest of the class and will be able to move on to the next topic. This personalized method of instruction guarantees that the student will have the chance to achieve their utmost potential at a rate that is most suitable for them as individuals.

Allow for a More Customized Curriculum

Another benefit of homeschooling is that parents have the ability to tailor their child's educational program to their own requirements and interests, as well as the ability to design their own performance benchmarks. For example, if your kid is interested in history, you may spend extra time on that topic. You might also look for and make use of additional resources to aid your youngster who is having difficulty with mathematics to enhance their performance. You also have the chance to integrate instructional resources that would not be offered in conventional institutions, such as lessons on religion, business, or project-based learning. 

Access to a Risk-Free Learning Environment

When kids are homeschooled, they are freed from peer influence, bullying, and other safety problems that plague regular schools. They can study in an atmosphere that is secure, pleasant, and calm, as well as one in which they feel supported and valued. This may be of particular help to children who struggle with anxiety or who have other unique requirements.

Get More Family Time

Children who are educated at home provide their families with more opportunities to spend time together and participate in activities. They won't need to stress about their schoolwork, and they won't have to hurry through the morning or have breakfast while traveling. They instead have leisurely mornings, get up at times that are convenient for them, have meals together as a family, and have the freedom to select study subjects that are relevant to their interests. In the end, homeschooling allows families to spend more time together, which strengthens their bonds.

Provide More Important Skills

Students who are educated at home have the chance to acquire essential life skills in addition to the academic knowledge they acquire. For instance, they may acquire the skills necessary to cook, manage their time effectively, and run a family. They will find that having talents such as these is very beneficial throughout their whole lives.

Allow for More Flexibility

Those who educate their children at home often have more flexibility in their schedules than families who send their children to regular institutions. For instance, kids are free to take vacations whenever it is most convenient for them, and they are not responsible for making up any homework that they miss while they are away. They do not need to be concerned about falling behind in their academic work even if they get ill. 

Why Should You Make Homeschool Worksheets?

  • Make sure your kid receives precisely what you want for them, and pay attention to the educational opportunities they need (nothing more or less)
  • There will be no pointless drills or assignments.
  • Generate additional practice and review
  • Make learning enjoyable while it is also instructive.
  • Make book reports that are tailored to your child's age, cognitive level, and preferred method of instruction.
  • Make flashcards, memory cards, and other learning tools by creating worksheets with questions and problems depending on what your kid needs to concentrate on.
  • Make your own toys and handicrafts.
  • Customize for different types of children
  • You can in your direction decide the design, font, artwork, and other details of the pages you create, so you may make them as elaborate or simple as you choose.
  • Your time is the sole continuous expense, and there are very minimal costs to get started.
  • You may make whatever changes you want, anytime you want, to the design of full unit studies and printouts with several pages.
  • Make worksheets centered on a subject that is being covered in your homeschool; this is an excellent way to save money while homeschooling.
  • Make worksheets related to homemaking as well as other topics.

Creating Your Own Homeschool Worksheets

Although there are a number of websites that provide you with excellent prices on printable worksheets as well as a big number of free ones, you could discover that they do not cover the material in the same way that you do in the homeschool classroom. As a result, it is in the best interest of the homeschooling instructor to develop their own worksheets. This is a brief instruction tutorial on how to make them.

The Topics 

After you have settled on the topic that you will instruct, the next step is to choose the themes that you will go through. This may be accomplished by:

  • Putting up a list of subjects that are closely linked
  • Taking a look at the table of contents for a curriculum or homeschooling program that is comparable (assuming there is something similar)
  • Choosing a single work to serve as the "backbone" of the worksheets.
  • This stage contributes to the formation of a worksheet's framework. In addition to this, it guarantees that you won't miss out on an essential part of the material.

The Resources

When we educate our children in an eclectic manner, one of the many benefits we enjoy is the ability to cobble together the ideal educational program for our children using a broad range of homeschooling materials from which we choose. Because there are so many different materials to choose from, this stage of the process of developing a homeschool curriculum usually takes the most time. These are some of the available resources:

Books - If you are looking for book recommendations, you may check out Pinterest. Afterward, you may search for books that are currently available at my local library, Amazon, or Thriftbooks. You should, if at all feasible and convenient, attempt to page through the book before buying it to ensure that it meets both your expectations and your requirements.

Videos - Homeschooling education may benefit greatly from the use of videos. In the early grades, they are able to provide a little respite for the parent while the children continue their education. In the higher grades, they vary the teachings a little bit to keep students from becoming bored.

Field trips –  The best approach to learning about a topic while having fun is to go on field excursions. Children are given the opportunity to investigate completely new topics while also gaining further knowledge about topics with which they are already acquainted. When it is feasible to do so, homeschooling allows for the incorporation of field excursions within the curriculum. Virtual field excursions are a fantastic complement to the more conventional types of field trips. The homeschooling experience may be greatly enhanced by the addition of field excursions.

Keep in mind that the purpose is to develop a homeschool worksheet that is tailored specifically to your child's needs. You are not required to employ each and every form of resource if it does not correspond to the way in which your student prefers to study.

The Software

You may use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher on your own computer to put the worksheets in the appropriate format so that they can be printed. These are the typical software products that are available for purchase. On the other hand, if you don't want to pay a lot of money for the MS Office complement, you can use a piece of software that's called OpenOffice that's completely free. Simply save the file to your computer and run the setup. They are equipped with all of the word processor functions that you will want for the creation and printing of your worksheets.

In addition, you may make your own worksheet templates by using one of the various websites that are available online. We have compiled a list of websites that may be used to make homeschool worksheets, and this topic will be discussed in more detail later.

The Material

You want to utilize the worksheet as a learning tool that reinforces what you taught in the homeschool classroom, so you may base it on what you covered there. When the homeschooled student completes the worksheet, he should review everything that was discussed by you since he will be filling in the answers himself. 

If you don't want a single excessively lengthy worksheet to come up, you have the option of making two or three individual worksheets instead. After they have been instructed in the subject matter, use one immediately. The remaining ones may be saved for use as a review activity later in the week or the month.

The Design

You may utilize clip art or photographs that you find on the internet to add a splash of color and some visuals to the worksheets that you provide to the pupils who are receiving their education at home. Now remember that if you are using these worksheets only in the house, you may get any photo off the internet and use it, but if you are going to publish these worksheets on your blog or with any other homeschooling families you need to utilize creative commons pictures.

You might be in breach of copyrights otherwise. You can locate the CC photographs quickly in a search engine. Many websites that provide royalty-free stock pictures also include Creative Commons images that may be used without cost. If you are unclear, you can easily ask the administrator of the website what photographs you are permitted to use without paying a fee.

Top 10 Websites for Making Homeschool Worksheets

It might be challenging to homeschool a kid if there are not enough materials available to occupy their days. Because it is unrealistic to expect every parent to devise original, educational activities and worksheets on a daily basis, it is essential to have dependable sources from which to get these kinds of resources.

Our goal is to make education available to everyone, and as part of this effort, we have compiled a list of websites that, in our opinion, help simplify the process of homeschooling by providing free worksheets. These creative supplementary tools offer energizing word scrambles, mazes, and word searches, in addition to other activities that will enrich the homeschooling student's educational experience.


WorksheetZone is an online worksheet maker tool that enables you to create almost anything, including lovely worksheets. You may use WorksheetZone to design your own ones. WorksheetZone provides users with professionally created worksheet templates that can be used as a foundation for their own work. After that, you will have the ability to personalize, print, and share these worksheets. You also have the option of beginning with a blank canvas and constructing a worksheet from the ground up. WorksheetZone provides you with dozens of different design tools and components that you can use to help you create appealing worksheets.

worksheetzone worksheet maker


The pastel-themed website Happiness Is Homemade has a design that is straightforward and simple to browse, and this is the first thing that you will notice about it. The author lives in California with her three sons, and she began writing in 2010. Her website is dedicated to all aspects of homeschooling and has expanded to include free worksheets, such as word searches, mazes, and placemats. 

Another famous kind of free worksheets is that which pertains to Saint Valentine's Day as well as other well-known important holidays. When it comes to doing do-it-yourself tasks, the fact that she has a bachelor's degree in interior design and that her husband is an electrical contractor definitely comes in handy. The website even has a downloadable "Summer Reading Challenge List," which is designed to keep homeschool students' brains active throughout the whole academic year.


A Minnesota-based business in its ninth year of operation, which also manages two other education technology websites, is responsible for running the Busy Teacher website. Each and every Tuesday, they send their famous newsletter known as "Busy Teacher Weekly" out to more than 300,000 enthusiastic readers. Make a Word Search, Make a Word Scramble, and Make a Double Puzzle are just a few of the free worksheets that can be found on this website. There are many additional worksheets available as well.

In addition, there are free printable worksheets, exercises, and quizzes accessible for both mathematics and language arts. These resources are organized alphabetically by grade level for your convenience. The website even has downloadable worksheets titled "Life Skills" that are geared at teaching pupils about making choices about their careers and their finances.


A mother and father who have successfully completed the homeschooling of three children came up with the idea for the website that is now known as Guest Hollow. This site covers a variety of subjects, including science and language arts. Students who are learning history in their own homes will definitely like the free printable timelines since they bring history to life in an order that is simple to grasp chronologically. The ingenious 'History Shelf' option provides a history of historical books and movies that is updated on a regular basis, and the website even gives contributions to families that are struggling financially.


A mother of three kids, one of whom is talented and also has autism, runs the homeschooling enterprise known as "3 Boys and a Dog," which can be found on the internet. This really useful website offers literally hundreds of downloadable teaching materials. 

In addition, there are a lot of free printables on the website that are relevant to holidays, such as a "Halloween Tracing and Coloring Book" and a similar printable that is titled "Seasonal Fun." Are your pupils obsessed with everything and everything related to Star Wars? Your kids can have fun while learning with the "Star Wars Letter Find" activity that you can print off for free. Even printouts that are dedicated exclusively to activities that may be done before school starts can be found on the website.


The website 24/7 Moms was developed by a mother of five who is now in the "Mom Zone" and is eager to assist you with educating your children. This one-of-a-kind free printable instills in young minds an appreciation for the value of cherished customs within the family. Which student doesn't like adding a personal touch to their lunchbox? This website offers a number of printouts that may be used for lunchboxes, such as jokes and notes. When the summer break is over, both kids and their parents will be able to have access to the relevant free worksheets that are associated with the transition from summer to fall.

In addition, the website offers a plethora of worksheets connected to the most important occasions, such as several free printable greeting cards for birthdays. A "DIY Chart," which comes equipped with a printable to keep track of the chores that have been accomplished, is one more thing that parents will enjoy more than their children.


Early Learning Ideas provides fun exercises for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, including excellent printable activities that are geared toward helping small kids improve their fine motor abilities. They are distinguished from other websites by offering a wide choice of entertaining topics for worksheets. Bead placement mats, hole punch games, and rhyming image cards are just some of the resources that can be found on this site, which was created by Jennifer.


The Relaxed Homeschool was founded by Jin Jenny with the intention of assisting other homeschooling parents in the process of educating their kids at home. She makes available a variety of tools, including reading lists and lesson plans. On her website, there is a section that draws attention to all of the free worksheets that she offers. Children who are educated at home may benefit greatly from using worksheets to work on their writing, drawing, and numbering skills. 


Amber, once a preschool educator but now a homeschooling mother, is the brains behind the website known as From ABCs to ACTs. This website provides a convenient link at the bottom of each page that takes you to a collection of printable materials that you may use. It is clear that she makes an effort to foster an environment in which children may learn via play. 

Worksheets that are both entertaining and abundant in visuals may be found in plenty. Amber has designed a variety of engaging exercises for the kinesthetic and visual learners in your family, many of which are simply printable and can be carried out at home.


Enchanted Learning is an educational company that provides materials for grades K-12, some of which may be downloaded for free. Because their website contains more than 35,000 pages, there is an abundant supply of printouts available for use in homeschooling.

 A page that enables users to create their own worksheets is an intriguing feature that they provide for users. This might be useful for the homeschooled student who needs further practice but who prefers the layout of one of the numerous pre-existing worksheets that can be found on the Enchanted Learning website.


Becky, a woman who homeschools her children and has a strong interest in reading, is the creator of the website known as This Reading Mama. Her website has a vast assortment of useful materials, but the collection of free worksheets that she provides stood out to us as particularly helpful. Her enormous collection of phonics, reading, and spelling worksheets is evidence of her commitment to promoting literacy throughout the world. Simply sign up for free email to have unrestricted access to thousands of worksheets.

Above is all the necessary information regarding how to make homeschool worksheets. We hope that this article can help you during your process of making your first worksheets ever. Good luck!

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